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Anticipating Scholars' Day 2020

Scholars' Day 2020 will once again be held on a weekday, specifically, Tuesday, May 5.

A call for proposals will go out as usual (here in the Tribune) in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, we hope you will plan on supporting Scholars' Day in one or more of the following ways:

  • Mentoring promising student research and independent projects for poster or classroom presentation;
  • Building Scholars' Day into your curriculum and promoting student attendance, perhaps as a homework assignment;
  • Bringing your class or at least permitting your students to come to the presentations if teaching that day;
  • Joining Scholars' Day as an open classroom, inviting the public (i.e., members of the college community) into your classroom, either for a lecture or student presentations (wherever you are on campus);
  • Supporting students who are presenting, and who may be one of your students (especially if their presentation conflicts with your class time).

Faculty teaching in the regular classrooms of building 12 (2nd floor) will have the option to join us as a class, to free your students to join us, or to have your class relocated for the one day. (To join us, we would require opening the classroom to the public, ideally for your own student presentations, which would be neither filtered by the Scholars' Day Committee, nor judged by Scholars' Day judges.)

The keynote address will follow on Wednesday, May 6. We are still finalizing the keynote speaker, having lost Cokie Roberts, whose good run (and future speaking commitments) recently came to an unfortunate end.

Please keep an eye out for more information, and consider motivating your best students early.

Ofsowitz, Michael
Scholars' Day Committee