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New Public Safety Bike Patrol Initiative

Nazareth has it. U of R has it.  Now MCC has it.   The Public Safety Department has purchased one (1)  fully equipped police mountain bike with the appropriate riding uniforms and gear for the Officers assigned to a specialized unit for directed patrol. .  They will be riding as weather permits. Bikes go where patrol vehicles can't: plaza, courtyards, stairs, Res Hall quad and sometimes between parked cars.  We have one Public Safety officer on each shift who are certified in accordance with the International Police Mountain Bike Association (IPMBA).  The course was an intensive 40 hour training with daily riding of 20 miles per day, that included the following:

- Low speed riding- riding slowly at a controlled speed through cones, over obstacles and other challenges.
- Urban night ride- learned riding techniques in an urban environment through the Rochester city streets. i.e.- stealth riding, up and down stairs and proper street riding.

- basic New York State Vehicle &Traffic laws concerning bikes
- bike fitting, equipment and maintenance
- Group riding
- fitness and nutrition
- suspect interview and apprehension techniques using the bike

Pictured below: left to right)  Officer Stan Knutowicz and Officer Brian Cecere.  Officer Knutowicz is assigned to the 7 AM - 3 PM shift and Officer Cecere is assigned to the 3 PM-11 PM shift.     

This is another strategy in crime prevention, designed to increase safety awareness and enhance the community policing initiative.  We are excited about this new initiative. 

Leah Dyer
Public Safety

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