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Strategic Planning Initiatives Informational Meeting (Correction)

Yesterday's announcement had the incorrect date and the date should have read as Wednesday 11/08/17. The announcement is below with the correction. Faculty Senate Planning looks forward to working with you as you develop any potential projects you might have that support the College's Strategic Plan

Faculty Senate Planning Committee will be holding an information session about the 2017 - 2018 Strategic Planning Initiatives on Wednesday, 11/8/17 at noon in 9-174. Please bring your questions, or thoughts about the new process we are rolling out this year. I have attached an Intent to Apply form along with some other informational documentation. This session will provide individuals looking to submit an Intent to Apply form, with guidance to help you create a project that will be competitive. We look forward to assisting you in this Process.

Faculty Senate Planning Committee

Attached Files:
Strategic Planning Committee Guidance for Funding Seekers.pdf

Emerick, Paul
Chair Faculty Senate Planning Committee