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Alumni to Welcome Students On Campus

MCC alumni, several from the class of 2003, will be on campus today and tomorrow to welcome students to the Fall 2003 semester. Remembering how alumni once welcomed them to campus, at least 15 alumni are now returning the favor and will be stationed on both the Brighton and the Damon City campuses.

A tradition established by the MCC Foundation, Welcome Day began in 1999. On average, an alumni volunteer will answer over 20 student questions each hour and provide directions.

As you are walking through the halls of campus on Tuesday and Wednesday, please take a moment to acknowledge the following alumni who are showing their support of MCC by assisting hundreds of students over the next couple days…
Peggy Weston Byrd
Rob Cordiero
Herb Dwyer
Susan DeTear
Danna Mangefreida
Phong Tran
Sharyl Di Giovanni
Damir Saracevic
Lynn Siverd
Steve Delucia
Dale Van Ocker
Michelle Pho
Tera McNair
Tom Nicchitta
Kathleen Moyse

Mark Pastorella
MCC Foundation