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Volunteers Needed for Academic Grievance Hearing Committee Pool

The College is seeking volunteers to serve in the pool for Academic Grievance Hearing Committee members. Volunteers remain in the committee pool for two years. Historically, members in the pool have been asked to serve up to three times in a two-year period, depending on the nature of the grievance and faculty availability.

The Academic Grievance Procedure is outlined in the current Catalog and Student Handbook (pages 254-256). As detailed in the policy, each hearing committee requires the services of four full-time faculty members. The hearing rules require that the committee roles are filled by:

- A Chairperson (a faculty member with grievance experience)
-  One full-time teaching faculty within the academic division of the faculty member named in the grievance
-  One full-time teaching faculty from a different division
-  One full-time faculty member from student services
-  Two students

If you are willing to serve in this capacity, please send the following information to Melissa Burley in Academic Services <>:

- Name
- Position/Title
- Part-time/Adjunct, if applicable
- Previous term(s) served, if any (i.e. 2009-2011)
- Number of times served on a grievance committee 
- Number of times chaired grievance committee

Mark Ernsthausen