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MCC Engineering Science Students Retain National Title

Students from the MCC Engineering Science program won first and third places at the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) Design Competition held in Louisville, Kentucky on Monday, June 21st. This is the second consecutive year, and the fourth in the past six years, in which MCC has become the ASEE National Champions.

To win the title this year our students designed and built an autonomous robots that was capable of playing a form of baseball on an 8' x 8' field. Points were awarded for hitting home runs, running the bases, and for oral and written reports. The top scorers for MCC were Tyler Ludwig (Farmington), Steve Wess (Holley), Nate Mott (Hamlin), and Joe Beyler (Hamlin). The MCC teams were advised by  George Fazekas, Christopher Kumar, Don Howard, and John Wadach.

To view videos and photos from the competition navigate to: M:\Offices\Shared\Engineering Science & Physics\ASEE 2010.

John Wadach
Engineering Science and Physics