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Hispanic Art Show Kicks off Hispanic Heritage Month


We had a wonderful time at the art show on September 15.  We had over forty participants attend the College’s Hispanic Heritage kickoff event.  Marisol Galarza-Ruiz provided two presentations on the art in my home.  We also had a Trio play Latino music and Steve Farrington invited Matthew Valverde, a tenor from the Eastman School of Music, who sang an aria in Spanish.

We also had wonderful Puerto Rican cuisine from “el Jibarito” restaurant and tropical juices available.

I downloaded photos that you can view at the link listed below.  A special thanks to Anita Manuele who did a lot of background work for us.  A wonderful thank you to the 4 students from the Spanish Club who volunteered to serve food.

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Emeterio M. Otero
DCC Executive Dean