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New Book from the League – Co-editor Flynn and Case Study Co-authors Salvador and Baker

The League’s new publication, Student Services Dialogues: Community College Case Studies to Consider, R. Thomas Flynn and Gerardo E. de los Santos, editors, includes a case study in the “Leadership and Operations” section co-authored by Dr. Susan Salvador, Vice President, Student Services and Dr. Susan Baker, Assistant Vice President, Student Services.  The publication is now available in digital format in the Publications tab on iStream (<<>>) and in print format for purchase through the League Store (<<>>).

With a foreword by Terry O’Banion and an introduction by the two editors, this new book presents 21 case studies contributed by student services professionals and leaders in community and technical colleges. The case studies are divided into five major sections, including “The Open Door: Inclusion and Equity,” “The Student Experience,” “Supporting Student Success,” “Leadership and Operations,” and “Assessment and Accountability.” Many of the contributions are based on actual situations and events, and are designed to facilitate discussion by offering questions to consider prior to revealing the outcomes of the case.

<<>> Click here to view the Contents. To purchase copies of Student Services Dialogues, visit <<>> or contact Judy Greenfield (<<>> or 480-705-8200.

Eileen Scorgie
Student Services