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Starfish Announcement: The Academic Progress Report opens Monday!

The first Starfish progress survey of the semester will be opening soon! The Starfish Academic Progress Survey will open Monday, September 14 and run through Monday, September 21. This survey will target students in special populations. As with previous Starfish surveys, faculty will receive a link to their surveys via email. The following kudos, flags and referrals will be available for faculty to raise for their students:

  • You Rock!
  • Great Participation!
  • Keep Up the Good Work
  • Early Alert: Academic Progress (Email Notification Only)
  • Early Alert: Urgent Academic Concern (Outreach Requested)
  • Technology Concerns: Limited Access or Proficiency
  • Research Assistance: Librarian Referral

Please note: there are no attendance flags with this survey. Attendance-related alerts and outreach to students are now triggered through faculty daily attendance reporting in Starfish. The Academic Progress Survey is used to raise concerns or commendations regarding students' academic performance in class.

Please direct any questions about the use of Starfish to John Kulak, Early Intervention Specialist, at Thank you for your participation in Starfish surveys!

Kulak, John