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Top 10 Reasons Math Faculty Tutor in Residence Halls!

Dick Stewart, Christy Fogal and Brigette Martineau of the Math Department offer up the Top 10 reasons to volunteer tutoring math in Pioneer Hall.

10.  You get to see the latest styles in animal fuzzy bedroom slippers!
 9.   You are reminded of the varieties that Doritos comes in once sitting with a student after supper!
 8.   You get to see that light bulb go off over their heads--up close and personal!
 7.   You get to miss your favorite TV program.
 6.   You love this place soooo much that you can't imagine being anyplace else.
 5.   You believe that your students will be more receptive to learning Math (yuk, arrgh, ouch,…???!!!%&*$@) in their own environment.
 4.   You know that your students can do Math with a little TLC (Tutoring in a Lounge Chair).
 3.   You can't wait to crash at 11:00 p.m. and get up again at 4:00 a.m.
 2.   You know that your student can Do It!!!
 1.   You care!!!

Dick, Christy and Brigette are working through that fun Hall Group, a faculty/staff liaison between itself and the residence hall students, to bring a two-hour tutoring session to residence hall students on Tuesday, October 4, from 7 - 9 p.m.

Stay tuned for other departments' tutoring adventures as more faculty cross the parking lot.

Elizabeth Pierce, Chair, HALL Group