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MCC "Leaders" present an Innovative Diversity Session to United Way particpants

On Saturday September 30th the United Ways’ African American and Latino Leadership Development Programs came together for a joint diversity training session at the Damon City Campus.

 The session, facilitated by Dr. Emeterio Otero with assistance from Michael Johnson, Ivan Matthew, and Mary Méndez Rizzo all from Student Services, focused on the dynamics of board membership.  The workshop was interactive and explored racial and ethnic biases, prejudice and how these interfere with the decision making process on boards.  

 This was the second year the United Way has asked Otero, Johnson, Matthew and Méndez Rizzo to present to the leadership development programs from which they have all graduated. 

 The joint workshop, designed by Otero, Johnson, and Méndez Rizzo for the United Way of Rochester, is the only diversity training session of it’s kind that exists nationally among the United Way organizations.

Emeterio M. Otero
Executive Dean's Office