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October is Campus Sustainability Month

The MCC Sustainability Steering Committee wants to bring to your attention some of the activities that are taking place or have taken place on campus during Campus Sustainability Month (October).

Campus Crunch - October 24: The New York Campus Crunch is a statewide celebration of local food on college campuses. Sodexo joined in the celebration by serving a variety of foods made from NYS home-grown apples.

Bike Fall 2019 - October 25: This activity was planned by MCC's Cycling Council. The Council provided links to Ride Preparation Videos and publicized the League of American Bicyclists Rules of the Road, as well as giving advice on recommended gear/clothing in preparation for the 15 mile ride.

Sustainability Club - October 29: This student club is planning an event on October 29 that will include a number of stations which will demonstrate the use of recycled materials to make Halloween decorations.

Recycling Subcommittee: This subcommittee of the Sustainability Steering Committee consists of students/faculty/staff who have been very active in educating the college community on what is and is not recyclable and, among other things, monitoring that the correct signage is posted near the numerous recycling bins on campus.

Green Tips: Sustainability Steering Committee member Ann Penwarden continues to publish informational articles on sustainability tips and ideas in the Tribune that are easy to incorporate in our daily activities.

Surplus Office Supplies: This has been an ongoing resource for the college community to use before ordering office supplies. There is a spreadsheet on the M Drive that lists what surplus supplies are available and where they are located.

Valarie Avalone
Chair, MCC Sustainability Steering Committee