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MCC’s Response to Governor Paterson’s Deficit Reduction Plan

Many of you have heard about Governor David Paterson’s two-year $5.2 billion deficit reduction plan announced on Tuesday, Nov. 12.

Prior to this announcement, SUNY community colleges were not aware of the proposal to significantly reduce their operating support. The 10 percent reduction in operating support, enacted for SUNY and CUNY four-year colleges earlier this year, has now been extended to community colleges through this proposal. If approved by the legislature, the plan would significantly reduce the state aid to Monroe Community College.

As you know, MCC enjoys a reputation for cost efficiency and affordability in order to keep public higher education accessible for all who choose to pursue a better future. The college also enjoys continued support from our local legislators who clearly understand the value of MCC to the Greater Rochester community. MCC administrators are working to evaluate the opportunities and risks associated with the Governor’s plan. We are also identifying non-critical needs that can be postponed until we, as a state, overcome this budget crisis.

We encourage you to not overreact to the Governor’s announcement until more specific information regarding an approved plan is available. Governor Paterson has called for a special session of the State Legislature to convene next Tuesday, Nov. 18 to begin discussions. 

Once more information about the proposed plan is available, the college will be advised.

Heze Simmons
Vice President, Administrative Services