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Crime Prevention Message -- Have a Safe and Healthy Holiday Season

Holiday Shopping Safety Tips:

Staying Street Smart During the Holidays

Personal safety is an issue that concerns everyone. To help you take charge of your own safety in shopping malls and parking areas, consider the following safety tips. And remember, immediately report any suspicious people and/or situations to mall security officers. They're there to help you.

As You Shop:

Walk confidently and be alert
Keep shopping bags in your sight at all times
Don't burden yourself with too many bags or packages
Don't display large sums of cash
Use checks or credit cards whenever possible
Never leave your credit card on a store counter
Carry your handbag or purse close to your body with the clasp or flap toward you
Never leave your purse on a store counter, on the floor, in a restroom or in a dressing room
Don't carry your wallet in your back pocket
Shop with friends whenever possible
Report suspicious people or situations to mall security

In Parking Areas:

Know where you parked your vehicle
Never park in an isolated area
Park in a well-lit area as close to the mall as possible
Never leave valuable packages in your vehicle
If necessary, store packages in the trunk
Know your vehicle's license plate number
When leaving your vehicle, make sure all doors are locked and windows closed
Have your keys ready when returning to your vehicle
Only leave your ignition key with a valet parking attendant
When walking to or from your vehicle, avoid dark areas where criminals might hide
If you have car trouble, remain in your car and use a cell phone to call for assistance, or return to the mall and notify security

A Crime Prevention Message from the MCC Public Safety Department

Lee Struble
Public Safety