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Non-Traditional Student Week - Call for Participants

Non-Traditional Student Week

November 2-6

Non-Traditional Student Week is a National Celebration held in the first week of November. It brings awareness of what being a non-traditional student means and the obstacles they face as students. By definition: non-traditional students are above the age of 24, have families, hold employment in addition to their studies, or have experienced life altering events, such as being in the military or becoming a primary caregiver. The majority of our students fit one or more of these non-traditional criteria!

I am currently putting together events, workshops, and seminars during the first week in November that exclusively deal with this population.

We are looking to promote everything MCC has to offer for these students:

-Are your degree offerings perfect for the Part-Time Student/Night/Returning Adult students?

-Does your department have offerings that you wish this demographic knew about?

-Do you have a seminar/workshop that would be perfect for this demographic?  

We want you!

I have attached an interest form below. If you would like to be a participate in this week of events. Please get back to me by October 1 so that we have ample amount of timing to schedule programming. If you do not want to participate but would like to have us promote your degree program, workshops, or other offerings please email your literature to me, and we will hand them out during celebration week.

Lori Bartkovich
Counseling Center & Veteran Services

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