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Dr. Alice H. Young Power of Diversity Series presents: Wellness & Identity Development

To inspire the community, we must help build a healthy community. In order to build a healthy community, we must help teach the community. In order to teach the community, we must provide opportunities and environments that aid the learning process in a way that allows all community members to see themselves at the center of their own narrative. To inspire the development of a healthy, well-functioning community requires each of us to do our part in moving the community—including the College community—forward.

The MCC Diversity Council is excited to welcome Kaba H. Kamene, SUNY New Paltz Professor and co-star of the hit documentary series "Hidden Colors”, and Rochester's own Lee Davis, CEO & Founder of EazyWork Fitness, to the College to serve as the esteemed speakers for this year's Dr. Alice Holloway Young Power of Diversity Series. With an emphasis on "Wellness & Identity Development," this multidisciplinary series will prove both educational and inspiring.

Each event is FREE and open to students, staff, faculty, and the Rochester community. We look forward to seeing you over the next two weeks! Please see the attached flyer for more details.

Series Description
Coming of Age is an adventure, especially for college students who are faced with balancing growing responsibilities, and their well-being, while embarking on “…a journey of self-discovery.” This series aims to facilitate the process of Coming of Age, equipping students with the tools needed for success. For remaining attendees, the series will also explore the value of knowing one's own cultural history, the importance of personal health and wellness, the interconnectedness of humanity and sociological development.

Lomax R. Campbell
MCC Diversity Council/AHY-PDS Event Co-Chair

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