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Summary of the NYCCT Board of Trustees Meeting / Institute and election to the board

I attended the New York Community College Trustees (NYCCT) Board of Trustees (where I was formally elected to the Board) and the NYCCT Trustee Institute meetings which were held from September 8, 2009 through September 12, 2009 in Albany, New York. 

About 100 trustees (including many student trustees), along with seven community college presidents and several SUNY officials, including Vice Chancellor Dennis Golladay and Chancellor Nancy Zimpher were in attendance.  The theme of the meetings was The Vital Role of the Community College Trustee.

I was pleased to hear a number of times the name of Monroe Community College as an example of one thing or another, i.e., student dorms, courses offered, etc.  Honorary Trustees Dr. Alice Young and Mr. Wayne Gilman were mentioned as having played a significant role in NYCCT over the years. 

Chancellor Zimpher stressed the importance of community colleges and urged trustees to become more engaged in the business of advocacy because community colleges are an integral and vital part of the economic engine in our respective communities and that no other institution of higher learning can as quickly and effectively respond to the workforce needs of the communities.

Additionally, a number of community officials that served MCC asked me to pass along their greetings, including Dr. Floyd "Bud" Amann, formerly DCC executive dean and now president of Corning Community College.

Dr. Kenneth G. Goode
Chair, Board of Trustees