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A New Opportunity for Incoming Students

Students who are required to take TRS 105, which is a prerequisite to ENG 101, in the spring semester now have an opportunity to complete that course over the 2014 intersession and take take ENG 101 in the spring.  TRS 105-001 meets Monday through Friday, 9 AM – 12:15 PM, from January 2 through January 18.  The course will be an intensive essay writing workshop, and will be taught by Professor Matt Fox.  TRS 105 is generally offered as a full-semester course, so this intersession section provides students with an opportunity to take ENG 101 a semester earlier than would otherwise have been possible.  If you have questions, or need help registering, please call Professor Matt Fox at 292-3138 or email him at    

Matt Fox
ESOL & Transitional Studies