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ITC Audioconference: Innovative Techniques for Teaching a Hands-On Lab Course Over the Internet

MCC will host the Instructional Technology Council’s professional development audioconference entitled “Innovative Techniques for Teaching a Hands-On Lab Course Over the Internet” on Tuesday, December 15, from 2:00-3:00PM in the Flynn Campus Center, room 3-115. The presenter is Jennifer A. Herzog, Assistant Professor of Biology, Herkimer County Community College.

A stumbling block for offering entire degree programs online is the requirement that students complete at least one lab science course to graduate. In response, Jennifer Herzog developed an online general biology course for non-science majors taught with an accompanying hands-on laboratory component. This course is completely asynchronous, and open to traditional and non-traditional students. She devised several methods for conveying the on-campus learning environment over the Internet. For the course’s lecture section, she uses movies, novels, TV shows and interactive Web sites to reinforce concepts and principles, while students analyze current biological issues by threaded discussions. Students purchase a Lab Paq lab kit and manual from a company called Hands-On Labs so that they can perform hands-on experiments at home. Course assessment is built directly into the modules: students can use online office hours, question and “talk to the professor” areas to provide instant feedback on activities, examinations and Herzog’s teaching methods. Students provide more in-depth responses through a culminating activity in a questionnaire format.

To reserve a seat, contact Ann Gilbert at <> or ext. 3440.

Ann Gilbert
Instructional Technologies