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New Program: Creative Writing, A.A. Degree

The College has received notification of the registration of the following program by the New York State Education Department for fall 2016: 

Creative Writing, A.A. degree (HEGIS Code 5615)

This program of study is designed for students who are interested in cultivating the strong writing skills that writing careers will require. The program includes courses conducive to transferring into a baccalaureate degree in English and/or Creative Writing, while keeping pathways open for baccalaureate degrees that emphasize more professional writing as well. Accordingly, the program is structured so students can (1) deepen their skills through scaffolded coursework and (2) broaden their experience with multiple genres and career pathways. The program culminates in a capstone course that familiarizes students with submission processes, transfer opportunities, and publishing/reading venues both in Rochester and around the country, preparing them for the next stage of their personal/professional lives as writers.

MaryJo Witz, Interim Dean
Curriculum & Program Development