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Dr. Susan Salvador Presents at 90th NASPA Annual Conference

Dr. Susan Salvador, vice president of student services, presented twice at the 90th NASPA Annual Conference (National Association Student Personnel Association) held in Boston, Massachusetts. Dr. Salvador presented jointly with national senior student affairs officers on “Getting Ahead of the Curve:  Addressing the Current Issues in Community and Two-Year Colleges.” Successful strategies for addressing issues about managing enrollment, student safety, assessment of services, transfer initiatives, distance learning, technology, succession planning, and student success were co-presented by Dr. Salvador and her colleagues.  Dr. Salvador also co-presented with Nancy Hunter Denney, Potential Leadership Training and Lectures, on “Measuring Leadership Aptitude:  Using the Zing! Inventory of Influence as a Compass” discussing research about charismatic leadership theories as a foundation for “leadership as influence,” and various attributes as they fit into a dynamic model of impact called Zing!

Eileen Scorgie
Office for Student Services