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"Locally Grown" Documentary

Monroe County residents can learn more about the role agriculture plays in the local economy by watching “Locally Grown,” a 25 minute documentary produced by the Agriculture and Life Sciences Institute at Monroe Community College. The program is scheduled to air on WHEC, Channel 10. The first broadcast is at 6AM on Saturday, October 1 and will be rebroadcast every following Saturday in the month of October at 6AM (10/1, 10/8, 10/22 and 10/29). Community access channels in Brighton, Webster and Time Warner Educational Access Channel 4 have confirmed that they will also being airing “Locally Grown”, however, the a date and air time have yet to be determined.

The documentary was produced by the Agriculture and Life Sciences Institute at Monroe Community College in cooperation with the Public Safety Training Facility; written and narrated by Bob King, Ph.D., directed by John Frontuto and shot and edited by Daren Hammond.

“Locally Grown” explores the history and impact of agriculture from the perspectives of farmers, operators, municipalities and others across the county. Agriculture significantly contributes to the local economy and our quality of life in Monroe County. With more than 600 farms and thousands of acres of farmland in Monroe County, looking through the agriculture lens is a fascinating way to learn about our community’s history. We can all strengthen our community -- culturally, economically and environmentally -- when we support our neighbors and choose to buy local.

So please tune in!

Bob King
Agriculture and LIfe Sciences Institute