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Building construction update

A few updates on where we are on the last minute push to finish up before school starts....
The door hardware replacement in builidngs 5 and 8 is complete. The elevators are now available to use. 
Work on the air handler motor controls in building 7 started a day early and is well on its way to completion. We are targeting the final supply fan drive start up for Thursday morning. The return fans are being started as I write this on Wednesday.

Work on the emergency generator switch replacement is complete in both buildings 7 and 3. Thanks to everyone for their cooperation on this tricky project.

Finally, I have just met with the contractors on the Wolk Center Project and they are hoping to have our chilled water system plugged off enough to start refilling  building 8 on Thursday. That means we should have cooling back on in that building by Friday at the latest. I have asked them to concentrate on the chilled water pipes in 10 so that it will follow along quickly after that allowing us to refill buildings 9 and 10. No promises, but they are concentrating on this goal. Regardless, it is our intention to refill the entire system so that it is operational when everyone returns on Tuesday. As we refill the system, it could leak a little. Please help us by reporting any leaks that you see, we don't want anything to get wet - we have enough clean up to do with everything else going on....

Also on that project, the stairs and walkways are scheduled to be poured on Thursday in the South courtyard so that the existing doorways can be used on Tuesday.

Thanks for your patience.

Blaine Grindle