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Starfish Updates

The Starfish Academic Progress Survey ended last week. We had over 1400 flags and kudos raised for students. Thank you to all faculty who participated! As a reminder, this survey targeted only students in our special populations. Our busy team of staff responders continues to rely on this invaluable early insight in their ongoing outreach with students.

The next Starfish survey of the semester is scheduled to open on March 11.

We are seeing an increasing number of students, faculty and staff utilizing Starfish as a way to communicate and connect. Attached is a data handout summarizing activity in Starfish during the fall 2018 semester. We will continue to pursue ways to optimize usage of Starfish as a campus tool to promote student success.

Please send along any questions or concerns about Starfish to John Kulak,

Attached Files:
starfish data handout.pdf

Kulak, John
Academic Foundations