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President's Wednesday Message

As you may have read last Friday, MCC is excited to share a new partnership with the Warner School of Education at the University of Rochester: the Monroe Community College Scholars Program. Up to five MCC employees will have the opportunity to pursue an accelerated doctorate in education in Higher Education Administration with 65% of their tuition underwritten by a generous scholarship from the Warner School. The scholarship puts tuition at the University of Rochester, a private AAU Research 1 institution just 15 minutes from any MCC campus, within reach of the graduate tuition at our sister SUNY universities and well below that of online EdD options.

The MCC Scholars Program represents another strategic investment in promoting a culture of excellence and opportunity for our employees. This new collaboration supports Direction Four of our Strategic Plan, specifically our commitment "to invest in the College's employees to enhance their commitment and capacities to promote and support the success of our students." It underscores the College's commitment to talent management practices that include developing, recognizing, and empowering our employees, enabling them to enhance their commitment and capacity to promote and support the success of our students.

To be eligible to participate in this program, you must meet all the admissions criteria of the Warner School of Education and complete the internal application and selection process. The MCC selection process will be overseen by a committee of faculty, staff, and administrators led by Dr. Sheila Strong in my office. Participants in the Monroe Community College Scholars Program at the Warner School are responsible for paying all remaining tuition, fees, and educational costs; meeting all program requirements; and maintaining satisfactory progress toward their degrees. Employees in the program are also eligible for MCC's existing tuition reimbursement program. MCC is committed to assuring diverse cultural, educational, and institutional representation in the program and to supporting the Scholars progress as they pursue their doctorates.

More details about the evaluation criteria for the program and a timeline are attached below and any questions should go to Dr. Strong.In addition, this week, Friday, March 22 from noon to 1:30 pm, representatives from the Warner School will be on the Brighton Campus in the Empire Room to provide an overview of the program and answer any questions.

Please know that MCC is also in discussions with the Warner School on a similar program for employees seeking to earn their master's degrees. Details about that opportunity will be announced later this spring.

This unique partnership between MCC and the Warner School represents a significant investment on the part of both institutions and a truly generous commitment by the Warner School and recently appointed Dean Anand Marri. I thank both the University of Rochester and Dr. Marri for this exciting and innovative partnership that invests in our College's inspiring faculty and professional staff and supports the development of our current and future leaders.

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Attached Files:
Application Review and Selection Timeline3.19.19.pdf
Monroe Community College Scholars.3.19.19.pdf

Kress, Anne
Office of the President