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Call for Nominations -- Special Election for Faculty Senate Vice President

As per Article X, Section 7B of the Faculty Senate Bylaws, all eligible faculty and professional staff personnel at the College are invited to submit nominations for their candidacy for Faculty Senate vice president, to serve a term of office commencing March 16, 2017 and terminating on August 30, 2017.  The winning candidate will be permitted, if he or she chooses, to run for re-election in the upcoming regularly-scheduled May election for an additional full two-year term.

The process of the special election to fill an unexpected vacancy is for balloting by senators only.  The election will be held as the first order of business at the Faculty Senate meeting on March 16, 2017.  Voting will take place by secret paper ballot, and the winner will be declared immediately upon the full accounting of votes.  Candidates running for election to the office of vice president will be expected to be present at that meeting, to assume the office if they are declared the winner.  In the event only a single nomination is received, balloting will still proceed.

Candidate nominations should include a statement of no more than 300 words describing the individual’s credentials, goals for service, and/or reasons for running.  Nominations are due to the NEG chair no later than Monday, March 13th by 5:00pm (send to <> ).

Michael A. Heel
Chair, Faculty Senate Nominations, Elections, and Governance (NEG) Committee