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Emergency Planning is on everyone's mind since the 9/11 terrorist event. The Public Safety Department is frequently asked, "How well is Monroe Community College prepared?"

In an effort to keep the college community informed of Homeland Security as it relates to Monroe Community College, the Public Safety Department has added "Emergency Planning <>" to the College's Web site. This page is accessible using the A-Z index under E for Emergency Planning, on the Employee main page in the section entitled Employee Resources or from the Public Safety home page. The actual Emergency Response Plan is web-based and accessible by specific individuals around the campus. This plan is based upon the nationally recognized response to emergencies referred to as the Incident Command System. While we don't want our individual plan specifics accessible to just anyone, it is important that everyone have some basic information about the Plan, how the Public Safety Department has been trained and how individual college community members can become and stay knowledgeable by viewing the refresher course.

Included on the page are the following sections
Executive Overview- this summarizes the ICS system and gives key components of our Emergency Response Plan
Critical Incident Management Training -this summarizes the training of the Public Safety response personnel and various administrators at the College
Brighton Campus Employee Response Guides and DCC Employee Response Guides- these are printable reference guides for all College Employees.
Employee Awareness Training - PowerPoint presentation to self -instruct on Emergency Response.

If you have any questions feel free to call Bob Wiesner, Director of Public Safety at 292-2902.

Leah Dyer
Public Safety