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ETS Brown Bag Lunch Session: MCC@Home at DCC Added to December's Schedule

Educational Technology Services invites DCC faculty, staff and administration to the following Brown Bag Lunch Session, MCC@Home, on Wednesday, Dec. 10, in Room 4035 at the Damon City Campus.

Are you currently accessing the mainframe from home using a modem or a high speed service (Road Runner, or Frontier DSL)? If you answered “yes” you will want to attend this session. Over the next few months, MCC will be moving all college network services to a secure network. You will need to install the MCC@Home software in order to gain access to the mainframe from your home PC or laptop. This session is designed specifically for modem users who need mainframe access from home. If you are using a dial up service we will have some CD’s with the software on it to avoid a lengthy download, especially for Windows 98, ME users.

This session will cover how this new software works and how to use it to connect to SIS, FRS, CICS and Focus. Come hear our tips and suggestions to ensuring a smooth software installation and answers to all your questions. Minimum PC Requirements: Win98/ME/2000/XP with a modem connection and basic internet service provider (e.g. Frontier, Blue Frog, EZnet, EarthLink, etc.). Check out the MCC@Home page at <HYPERLINK ""> Facilitated by Dan Noblett, ETS Communications & Network Services.

Ellen Z. Gozik
Instructional Technologies