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Space Planning and Management Committee: Updated Membership Listing

Last week, Dr, Kress announced the convening of the college’s first Space Planning and Management Committee (SP&MC). Please accept our apologies for omitting Dean Kimberley McKinsey-Mabry from the members listing. The updated listing is below.

* Paul Wurster, Assistant Vice President, Facilities (chair)

* Paul Emerick, Associate Professor, Biology

* Ginny Geer-Mentry, Director, MCC Association

* Terry Keys, Associate Vice President, Instructional Services

* Kimberley McKinsey-Mabry, Dean of the School of Business, Hospitality, and Entrepreneurism and the School of Community Engagement and Development, Academic Services

* Matt O’Connor, Assistant Vice President, EDIWS

* Diane Shoger, Executive Director, MCC Foundation

* Bob Cunningham, Director for Academic Facilities and Learning Environments (advisor)

Heze Simmons, CFO and Vice President
Administrative Services