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A "Novel" Idea

In Building Services we have several book shelves that a retired employee, Donna Lee, set up to display and give away pre-read books. She was an avid reader and wanted others to enjoy the stories that she already has enjoyed.  Many years ago she brought in boxes of her old novels and posted a sign saying "Take one and leave another for others."  This shelf has been used for many, many years and after she retired we continued this service as a great idea. Today I post this to ask the college community to help refresh the shelves. The choices are getting a little low and could use some donations. If anyone in the MCC community has books that they could donate for others to enjoy, it would be greatly appreciated. Please contact me at extension 2594 to make arrangements. Reading is something for everyone and a fundamental part of learning. Thank you in advance for any consideration.

John Haines
Building Services