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General Education Inventory Ready for Faculty Input

The Curriculum and Academic Assessment offices are pleased to announce that the planned updates to the Curriculum Database have been completed, and that we are now ready to “go live” with the new “General Education Inventory.”  (Visit

As per the memo to all full-time teaching faculty from Provost Wade, academic departments and faculty are charged to conduct a comprehensive review of all courses currently offered.  Using the General Education Inventory, faculty should update the content of their courses (the requested 15-week outline), and propose courses to meet SUNY General Education and the new MCC outcomes-based local general education program.

The new General Education Review Panel will begin its work reviewing general education proposals starting the week of Monday, October 17th.  The deadline for the submission of courses to the General Education Review Panel is Monday, December 12th.  Faculty are encouraged to engage in departmental discussions immediately regarding their plans for the support of general education, so as to permit adequate time for the review and approval process.

Please submit any questions you may have via email to the Office of Academic Assessment ( <> ), including any difficulties you may encounter with the functionality of the General Education Inventory.

Michael Heel
Curriculum & Assessment