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President's Wednesday Message

Earlier this fall, I indicated that I would spend at least one Wednesday Message a month to answer your questions. This is the first of these messages.

A question came in through the portal about the new Tutoring and Academic Advisement Center (TAAC). Specifically, it centered on the "TAAC" name for what used to be the separately named Academic Foundations Learning Center, Writing Center, and Center for Academic Reading. The writer wondered if students would understand what the TAAC did and the services it provided and asked if I supported the name.

To understand the motivation for the name change, I went to the source--Jason Parker, Director of Academic Support Services--and found that "what's in a name" matters. In this case, the change reflects a transformation in how and where academic assistance services are delivered and a goal of increasing the visibility of these important services.

Director Parker shared the following: "In an effort to make the new TAAC distinctive from the other learning centers, the name was created as a measure of rebranding. Essentially, the TAAC can be thought of as a one-stop-shop for tutoring. Other campus learning centers have varied functions, such as providing tech support, homework help, or a group study space."

He noted that the TAAC provides comprehensive support that aims to develop independent learners and promote effective learning strategies. Students can work with Academic Coaches, Peer Tutors, Professional Tutors, and Writing Consultants. Consolidating these academic supports into a single location makes them more readily accessible and reflects the overlapping needs many (if not, most) students have.

Some of you may have attended the recent grand opening of the TAAC, and I hope all of you will encourage students to seek out these valuable services. And, my thanks to Director Parker, Dean Rambish, and everyone in Academic Foundations for supporting our students' success.

I also got a hallway question about this year's reading group on Paying the Price by Sara Goldrick-Rab: is it still open? Consider this the last call for the reading group. If you're interested, please let me know by September 26.

Please continue to send your questions in through the portal, via email, or just in the hallway. Thank you!

Kress, Anne
Office of the President