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Swine Flu

As you are aware, an outbreak of swine flu has been reported in Mexico. Travelers who have visited Mexico recently may be at risk of developing the illness. Symptoms of swine flu include fever and respiratory symptoms, as well as nasal congestion, sore throat and cough.

If you have travelled to Mexico in the past two weeks, or had contact with a person who has travelled to Mexico, please notify the MCC Health Services Department at your earliest convenience by phone call at 292-2510, or e-mail Early identification of symptons can lead to early diagnosis and treatment. Our primary concern is to limit the potential spread of the swine flu illness throughout the college community. Isolation is the best method to prevent the spread of the illness. Persons with fever and respiratory symptoms should stay home from work or school to avoid spreading infections to others in the community.

MCC's Health Services staff will work with the Monroe County Department of Health to track any illness and provide health information.

For further information about swine flu: <<>>

Susan M. Salvador, Ed.D.
Student Services