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Starfish Update

Thank you for your participation and feedback as we launched the Starfish pilot this semester!  We are in the fine tuning stage now, so please continue sharing your feedback.  

Below are a few FAQ’s:

Q- Starfish is not working or I’m getting an error when I try to log-in.
A-     We are extending Survey #2 due to Starfish system issues beyond our control. The survey will now close on Friday, Nov. 6th.
A-     Please sign in using Google Chrome. Our team is working on a permissions issue to allow you to access Starfish via Internet Explorer in the near future.

Q- What happens when I raise a flag?
A-     Students and/or Success Coaches receive system emails/alerts. *See attached.

Q- Who are the Success Coaches?
A-     Athletics- all coaches (Starfish Leads- David Brust and Katie Nicholas)
A-     EOP- all EOP Counselors (Starfish Lead- Marisol Reyes)
A-     TRS- all SSS Counselors (Starfish Lead- Jean Parker)
A-     ESOL- all SSS/ESOL Counselors (Starfish Lead- Jean Parker)
A-     Online- E-Learning Administrative Assistant, Ann Gilbert

Q- What do the Success Coaches do?
A-     Receive and respond to flags via email, phone, or in-person

Q- What if I have a question or feedback?
A-     For questions about students, please contact the Success Coaches.

A-     For faculty related feedback, please forward comments to Terry Shamblin at <>

A-     For system/technical questions, please contact Larry Dugan at <>

A-     For general Starfish questions, please contact Ebony Caldwell at <

Thank you for bearing with us while we continue to refine Starfish to support student success!

Ebony Caldwell
Title III

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