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Chuck DiSalvo, Public Safety patrol staff, speaks at Monroe County Magistrates Association November Meeting

Chuck was commissioned by the Town of Rush Justice Court to create a General Orders manual and Security Service plan for the Justice Court. The project was completed and presented to the Town of Rush and was forwarded to the Honorable Allyn Hammel of the Town of Clarkson Justice Court and the current President of the Monroe County Magistrates Association for review.

As a result of said review, Chuck was invited to address the monthly meeting of the Monroe County Magistrates Association at the Brook Lea Country Club in Gates regarding issues concerning Court Security. The MC Magistrates Association comprises all Town and Village Justice Courts in Monroe County. Chuck presented material on the following topics:

* The need for Court Security

*  Selection, Training, and Responsibilities of Court Security Officers

*  The Creation, Implementation, and Effective Monitoring of Court Security Policy

*  Addressing Budgetary Concerns

*  Building Effective Partnerships with Local and State Law Enforcement Agencies

Congratulations Chuck on your achievement.  We are fortunate to have your professionalism and expertise in our Public Safety Department and here at the college.

Leah Santirocco
Public Safety