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Curriculum Postings for Faculty Review until April 4, 2017

Due to the large number of proposals that the Curriculum Committee is reviewing and processing for approval, the Curriculum Office will be publishing the usual weekly postings for faculty review as an attachment for the next several weeks.  Please open the attached document to review specific current Curriculum Committee recommendations.

It should be noted that the number of courses up for faculty review at this time are larger than usual.  This is due to the fact that some courses approved by the Curriculum Committee two weeks ago were not posted to the Tribune as usual, due to the College closings and personnel illness.  All currently listed courses in the attachment will be posted for faculty review for a full two weeks.  Sorry for any confusion this may cause.

This week, postings for Faculty Review until April 4, 2017 include:

4 Course Deactivations

2 New Courses

3 Course Revision

5 De-List for SUNY General Education

17 Courses for SUNY General Education, including:

1 Arts (SUNY-A)

1 American History (SUNY-AH)

3 Humanities (SUNY-H)

5 Natural Science (SUNY-NS)

2 Social Science (SUNY-SS)

2 Western Civilization (SUNY-WC)

3 Other world Civilization (SUNY-OWC)

78 Courses for MCC General Education, including:

8 Arts & Humanities (MCC-AH)

10 Critical Thinking (MCC-CT)

3 Global Understanding (MCC-GLO)

4 Health and Wellness (MCC-HW)

1 Information Literacy (MCC-IL)

7 Scientific Reasoning (MCC-SCI)

10 Social Science & Diversity (MCC-SSD)

6 Speaking (MCC-BCO)

12 Technological Literacy (MCC-TL)

15 Values and Ethics (MCC-VE)

2 Writing (MCC-BCW)

Please note that all courses approved for SUNY General Education also qualify for related MCC General Education Learning Outcomes automatically.  For these proposals, the MCC General Education component does not require separate approval by the faculty. 

Proposals for MCC General Education listed above (and attached) are included for faculty review because faculty are proposing to qualify these courses separately for the listed general education outcomes.

Michael Heel
Curriculum and Program Development

icon Attachment 4 Tribune Notice 4-4-17.docx