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Faculty Senate March 25, 2021 Meeting Agenda

Approval of Minutes

  • Minutes of February 25, 2021 Meeting

Officers’ Reports

  • Faculty Senate President, N. Pares-Kane
  • Vice President, Teaching Faculty, M. Vest – no report
  • Vice President, Professional Staff, E. Baxter – no report

Faculty Senate Guest Updates

  • Student Government Association (SEGA/SGA), J. Ward
  • Faculty Council of Community Colleges (FCCC), C. Fogal

Standing Committee Reports and Action Items

  • Curriculum Committee, T. Graney
    • CAPE Digital Access Report, E. Dilai
    • Action Item:
      • New Program:2019-NP10-Spring Hospitality Certificate
  • Academic Policies Committee, R. Fisher
    • Action Items:
      • Extension of Alternate Grades through Calendar Year 2021
      • BOT Policy 1.1 Academic Freedom Policy
    • Future Action Item:
      • New mathematics placement guide from the Placement Testing Committee
  • Nominations, Elections, and Governance Committee (NEG), M. Timmons
  • Planning Committee, B. Burritt
  • Professional Development Committee, N. Christensen – no report
  • Special Committee on Administrative Affairs (SCAA), R. Babcock

New Business


Please see attached agenda for Zoom meeting link.

Attached Files:
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Faculty Senate Agenda 2021-03-25.pdf

Mary Jo Vest
Faculty Senate