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LIVE UNITED: Applause for the MCC Community

This semester, it has been our absolute privilege and honor to work with MCC’s amazing faculty and staff. Your generosity and your compassion transform lives, both on campus and in the wider community.

You have made the 2010 United Way Campaign an astounding success. With your support, we have surpassed our campaign goal and the final total for our LIVE UNITED campaign will be over $114,000.

Your donations will impact the greater Rochester community in so many positive ways. But this campaign would not have been so successful without the help and the support of the following people and Annette and I are in their debt:

Dr. Anne Kress, President
Faces of the Campaign (Jodi Oriel, Dr. Emeterio Otero, Kimberley Collins, Juan Rodriguez, Charlie Clarke, Kristen Fragnoli, and Dr. Kress)
2010 Campaign Coordinators
Jane Cummings, ETS Instructional Services
Ellen Gozik, ETS Instructional Services
Jeremy Case, ETS Instructional Services
Cynthia Cooper, College and Community Relations
Tricia Storms, Campus Center
Student Reception Staff; Anna, Fran, Kelly, Shelby, and Kelly
Judy Bertram, Controller’s Office – Payroll
Sandy Warren, Human Resources
Bill Gruhn, Vince Pratt, and the ETS Print Shop Staff
Carol Battles and the ETS Mailroom Staff
ETS Computing Staff Members and Jamie Hoover
Craig Proctor, Campus Center and his Operation’s Staff
Marijo Haggett, Tony Struzik, Aramark, Next Generation, and all who helped make the LIVE UNITED Picnics a success.
A special thank you to Marie Gibson, ETS Instructional Services, our third co-chair.

Together, we made a difference and chose to LIVE UNITED.

Thank you.

Annette Agness and Mike McDonough, Co-Chairs
2010 MCC United Way Campaign