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A Fond Farewell to Our Old Videoserver!

Check the video links in your courses and Web pages! After 16 years of faithful service, with thousands of hours of video posted to it, our old videoserver is finally being decommissioned. This means that any links that start with "" will no longer work after July 14th. If you find any video (or audio) links that you’re still using in your courses or Web pages that begin with, let us know and we can transfer those files over to our newer Ensemble videoserver, where they’ll now be accessible to a wide array of devices, including Windows and Apple products and most mobile devices. Even after that date, we’ll be archiving the entirety of the old videoserver, in case you inadvertently find you need something that was on there. The easiest way to see if a link is to this server is to point to it with your mouse, and then look in the bottom left corner of your browser to see if it starts with “” If you’re unsure about this, or have any other questions, let us know.

Jeremy Case
Virtual Campus