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Curriculum Proposal Postings

Curriculum proposals were approved by the Curriculum Committee to be posted for faculty review for the period of October 18-November 1.

Course Revisions:

            CR5F                CRJ 211            Community Values and the Administration of Justice

            CR1F                OFT 214            Administrative Office Procedures

New Courses:

NC12S              MUS 104           Men’s Glee Club

            NC13S              MUS 105           Women’s Glee Club

            NC14S              MUS 106           Contemporary A Cappella Ensemble

Program Deactivation

            PD1F                AAS                 Manufacturing Technology

The proposals may be viewed by clicking on:   

  1. OR

  2.     Go to:, access Curriculum Database OR

  3.     myMCC/Posted for Faculty Review

Faculty Senate Resolution

2.1.1 (4) The Curriculum Committee will review the proposals. Upon review, proposals will be posted electronically for faculty review for ten (10) working days. Comments may be submitted by clicking on "Respond to the Document" while in "Posted for Faculty Review." Comments will be sent electronically to the Committee Chairperson. After the posting period is complete, the Curriculum Committee will review comments and vote on the proposals

Contact the Curriculum Office if you need any assistance.

Charlotte Downing
Curriculum and Program Development