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2011 International Film Series Starts on Monday, October 24 - Mark Your Calendars

The ESOL and Foreign Languages Department and the Global Union International Students Organization invite students, staff and members of the college community to attend the screening of five foreign language films, as follows:

Monday, October 24
“Trophy Wife” (Potiche) Comedy, France, 2010. 103 minutes. Unrated. In French with English subtitles. 
When her husband is taken hostage by his striking employees, a trophy wife (played by Catherine Deneuve) takes the reins of the family business and proves to be a remarkably effective leader. Business and personal complications arrive in the form of her ex-lover (played by Gérard Depardieu), a former union leader. Fun and light-hearted film that gives a glimpse of life in the '70s, complete with music and fashion, plus the beginnings of some business practices that have become common in our day, like outsourcing.

“Eat Drink Man Woman" (Yin Shi Nan Nu)  Comedy/Drama. Taiwan/USA, 1994. 124 minutes. Unrated. In Mandarin with English subtitles.
Senior Master Chef Chu lives in a large house in Taipei with his three unmarried daughters, Jia-Jen, a chemistry teacher converted to Christianity, Jia-Chien, an airline executive, and Jia-Ning, a student who also works in a fast food restaurant. Life in the house revolves around the ritual of an elaborate dinner each Sunday, and the love lives of all the family members. What makes this film a delight is that during the film, as the story unfolds, you want to see something good happen to all of them. The film has a richness that keeps the viewer interested. Not to be missed.

Wednesday, October 26
“Ciao, Professore!” Comedy, Italy, 1993. 91 minutes. Unrated. In Italian with English subtitles.
Professore Marco Sperelli, a priggish upper-class teacher from northern Italy, is assigned by mistake to teach a group of street-smart southern Italian village kids. But there's a problem: First, he'll have to find them and bring them to school. Before long, the tables are turned and the teacher becomes the pupil as he learns about the children's hard-knocks lives. A delightful comedy, the film accurately captures the region and local dialect and customs.

“Gerald” Drama, U.S.A., 2010. Rated PG. In ASL with English subtitles. 
This film is the journey of a young man, Corey, yearning for kinship until one day he discovers that he has a Deaf autistic grandfather whom he has never met. Corey is determined to make a connection, regardless of the situation. Family ties and secrets that were unknown to the young man suddenly surface, and events quickly unfold.  A powerful, emotional and continuous twist of events that leads to a shocking truth.

Thursday, October 27
“Honey for Oshun” (Miel para Oshún) Comedy/Drama, Cuba/Spain, 2003. 120 minutes. Unrated. Spanish with English subtitles.
When his father dies, a Cuban man who was raised in the United States learns that he was not abandoned by his mother, but illegally taken out of Cuba. He goes back to the island and is helped in his search for his mother by a cousin and a taxi driver. The film provides an interesting and frank insight on the lives of ordinary Cubans, their beliefs, their daily challenges, their relationships, and the natural beauty of the country.

All films, with the exception of “Gerald,” and “Honey for Oshun” will be screened at the Warshof Conference Center, Flynn Campus Center (Monroe A and B) in the Brighton Campus. “Gerald” will be screened in room 12-125. “Honey for Oshun” will be screened in the Flynn Campus Center Forum (3-130). The films will be introduced to the audience at 6:30 p.m. Two films will be shown concurrently on October 24 and 26. All films have English subtitles. The event is free and open to the public.

Louis Silvers
ESOL and Foreign Languages