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AAWCC Fundraiser for Richard M. Guon Child Care Center

Thank you to AAWCC members and the MCC community for the generous donations collected for the Richard M. Guon Child Care Center.  Through your generosity the child care center received: 95 glue sticks, 11 packages of tissue paper, 2 packs of pencils with a sharpener and erasers, 24 boxes of Kleenex, 8 packs of construction paper, 2 packs of clay and Playdough, 11 rolls of aluminum foil, 25 packs of paper plates, 3 pack of small plastic bowls, 24 packs of markers, 22 packs of crayons, 2 packs of chalk, 20 plastic pencil boxes, 26 small packs of Kleenex, and 27 boxes of Band-aids.  We also received over $200 toward our playground landscaping. 

Thank you to Janna Davenport (Office of Student Life & Leadership Development) for suggesting the child care center and to Holly Preische (Career and Transfer Center) for coordinating the fundraiser. Thank you all for your generosity!

Anne Barker
Guon Child Care Center