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Sociology 101 Students Learn Real Life Lessons

The Thursday night Sociology 101 class on the Brighton campus would like to thank Dr. Bernadette Poole-Tracy who spoke November 29th on racism, and challenged the class to make an individual difference by becoming informed, skilled and thoughtful people regarding racism.  Dr Poole-Tracy lectured and involved the students in an activity that opened their eyes to the problem of racism around the world and in their own lives.  “Dr. Poole-Tracy, Ed. D., is President/Owner of AEDU-TECH Systems, Inc., established as a consulting/training firm in 1990, and an experienced volunteer/private mediator and arbitrator. Dr. Poole Tracy has over 25 years of managerial, administrative, and teaching/training leadership experiences in the corporate, academic, government and non-profit community organization arenas. During her thirteen-year career with the Xerox Corporation, Dr. Poole-Tracy served in a variety of leadership roles, including Corporate Manager for the rollout of “Leadership Through Quality”, the Xerox Total Quality Management Program. Prior to having been recruited to Xerox, Dr. Poole-Tracy served as Chairperson and Associate Dean of the Pace University School of Education Westchester, NY, campuses.”

Dr. Poole-Tracy and Eric Easterly

Maureen Erickson
Curriculum & Development

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