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Curriculum Proposal Postings

The following curriculum proposals are being posted for your review for the period April 27 through May 10, 2005. You can view them by clicking on

PR13S   Interior Design AAS
CR29S   ACC 230 Accounting Systems and Applications
CR30S   HED 110 Disease Prevention and Healthy Lifestyles
NC15S   SPA 110 Accelerated Elementary Spanish
NC16S   CPT 111 Problem Solving I-Analysis
NC17S   CPT 112 Problem Solving II-Design
NC18S   CPT 113 Problem Solving III-Implementation
NC19S   CPT 216 Advanced Networking Concepts
NC20S   HBR 102 Elementary Modern Hebrew II
NC21S   ARA 102 Elementary Arabic II

Elsie V. Beach
Curriculum & Program Development