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Green Tip of the Week - Home Security Lighting

Home Security Lighting

By now, everyone has heard of Light Emitting Diodes (LED's) and Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL's) and how they can significantly reduce your energy bills. What if you have already stocked up on standard incandescent bulbs and want to use them up before you switch?

Police and home security experts agree that perimeter lighting of your home is a significant deterrent to home invasion. Wouldn't you want the most efficient lighting possible for lighting your front porch, deck, side, garage and back doors all night long?

Consider removing your incandescent bulbs from external lighting, and using them in interior spaces that you use less frequently like the basement or garage. Purchase LED's or CFL's for your outdoor lighting. Also consider using motion sensors, timers or programmable "X-10" home automation systems to turn exterior lights on and off with sunrise and sunset, and particularly when you are away.

More information on LED's, CFL's, security lighting and home automation can be found at the following links:



Security Lighting:

X-10 Automation:

Brian Managan
Visual and Performing Arts (VaPA)