MCC Daily Tribune

Wednesday Message: Together Against Racism

At MCC's invitation, SUNY Vice Chancellor and Chief Diversity Officer Dr. Carlos Medina has been on our campuses over the last few days listening to faculty, staff, students and administrators discuss racism and our response to last month's racist tweet. He has provided a valued, external perspective and has validated something all of us already know: this work--the work of combatting racism--is hard, but it must be done.

We will do this work together. We have started with an action plan that seeks to engage all members of our college community. The plan builds upon the good work that is already happening and offers opportunities for new initiatives. I invite you to help shape the plan as it moves forward. Many have already reached out to me or to action step leaders to offer ideas and volunteer to serve. Faculty leaders have expressed their commitment to doing the work necessary to ensure a "more just, equitable and safe space." Thank you. We are stronger together and I appreciate your commitment to this work.

As we move from discussion to action, transparency must surround our activities. Let us highlight the many initiatives already in place--and there are many examples of excellent work in inclusion, diversity, unconscious bias, cultural competency, and more. Let's make sure that not only our colleagues know of this good work but that our community knows of it as well. We are the community's college; we have an obligation to show how we are ensuring that the full diversity of our community is and feels welcomed here. I invite you to share on the blog the work you are already involved in related to diversity and inclusion.

I am grateful to the more than 150 college community members who met with Dr. Medina over the last few days. He cleared his calendar to visit our College, and you cleared your calendars for this important dialogue. Thank you.

We cannot let hate win. I hear you and look forward to working with you to make MCC and the MCC community stronger, more diverse and more inclusive. Our students and our community deserve nothing less.

Kress, Anne
President's Office