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My Parking Account: What is it and How do I Access it?

MY PARKING ACCOUNT  is fully on-line and open for business.  Students and employees will be able to complete parking transactions online any place and anytime by logging into Banner (Student Account) and accessing My Parking Account. With this online system, users can request parking permits, pay violations, file appeals, and monitor their parking transactions and history. Individuals requesting parking permits must provide their vehicle information that appears on the registration (such as license plate numbers, vehicle year, make, model and color).

This new parking database management system is designed to improve efficiency and customer service. In addition, users will be better able to manage their transactions and check the status of their account. Accounts with long overdue balances are placed on hold automatically, and the system will generate timely e-mail notifications. Individuals with delinquent accounts are restricted from registering, ordering transcripts and accessing other services until all outstanding balances are paid.

Easy step-by-step directions for parking transactions online:

1) Sign onto your account with your M number and password You can get there several ways....Via the web-you can get there from here -A-Z -P for Parking-click on link on the parking home page and select student account)-employees through MYMCC on the Banner Tab-banner self-service.

2)Once in Banner (Student account) Go to Student tab (if you are a student) or Employee tab if you are an employee

3) Select My Parking Account

4)You will be prompted for a term. Select the current term.

5) Make selection

6.) If you are requesting a permit, Select Request a parking permit

7) Select permit from drop-down menu-please note the amount that will be charged to your student account

8) Make a selection from vehicle listed above (if applicable) or add a vehicle (have your vehicle registration available). All information requested is required to complete the transaction.

9) The Parking charge will be added to your student account-Student pays bill on line.

Verify that your address is correct in the student account system. Permits will be mailed during the second week of classes. Permit Enforcement begins September 28, 2010.  Prior to the permit mailing, if you drop all your classes the parking charge will be removed.  You will be required to re-register for your permit once you have re-enrolled in your classes.

Special note: To inactivate a vehicle, either you must return the parking permit if it is still valid or the permit must already be expired.

If you have any question or need clarification call the parking office at 585-292-2700

Leah Santirocco
Public Safety