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Final Exam Requests for Spring 2007

Requesting final exams for your course(s) this semester?  Unless your exam is a departmental exam – same exam given for every section of the same subject/course, you must submit your request(s) on-line at:

<<>> , by Friday, February 19th.

Be prepared to submit the following information:

Your name
Your class CRNs (course registration number), Subjects, Courses, Sections

Example:  CRN = 20125 for ECO 101 001
See your class rosters for this information

Whether you need a special technology room or not
Type of seating, if important
Optional – Possible student exam conflicts if scheduled at same time as yours

Example:  Many BIO 235 students are also enrolled in HIM 204

Whether you teach at both Brighton and Damon Campuses

If you have any questions, please contact Ervina Malin at HYPERLINK <<>> or call X2245.

Ervina Malin
Records & Registration