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Using Starfish Remotely as a Student Success Tool

In an effort to assist the college's challenge of supporting our students remotely, we are available to help all faculty and staff leverage Starfish to maintain their ongoing connections with students.

  • Starfish can be used to allow students and faculty/staff to schedule Zoom appointments for advising and classroom office hours. Please see the attached instructions.
  • Faculty and staff can share with their students a link that takes them directly to their Starfish appointment calendar. Attached is a screenshot of where in your Starfish profile this link can be found. This is a great idea to include as a hyperlink in your email signatures.

The Starfish page on the Employee myMCC portal is now updated with resources on how to use Starfish as a virtual student success tool. If you have any questions or need help with Starfish, please don't hesitate to contact John Kulak, Early Intervention Specialist, at

Attached Files:
zoom appts2.pdf
sf appt link.jpg

Kulak, John