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National Poetry Month Haiku Slam

For the 13th consecutive year, various staff from the 3rd floor of the Spina Administration Building celebrated National Poetry Month with a haiku slam on Tuesday, April 30, 2013. We thought we'd share our work with the college community.

(For those of you new to haiku, haiku is a very stylized form of poetry consisting of three line phrases with 5 / 7 / 5 syllables respectively.  The theme is typically seasonal– i.e., passing of winter, arrival of spring.)

Spiderman havoc / My daily commute destroyed / Move along spidey

Spring – so worth the wait / Magnolia blossoms sway / In dappled sunlight

Spring soil soft and warm / Old friends pop out to greet us / Wave their soft green leaves

The buds have started / The color of the blossoms / Seamless forever

Look forward and see / The beauty of spring and all / Spring, not fall ahead

Gloomy rain or snow / Beneath brown wet barren trees / Stubborn crocus grows

Night is upon us / The practice of life repeats / Life goes on and on

Spring unfurls with grace / Brown twigs fuse bright explosions / Greatly, Slowly – Boom

Shades of gray, our skies / Torture of spring, submit not / Be patient for blue

Jeff Bartkovich
Educational Technology Services